Throne of Jelzicar – Meet Drahvyn

In a world slowly being consumed by demons, only the bravest dare to rise up to stand against these mighty adversaries. It is understandable that a dwarven warrior and an elven magic user would join the group, but what of a mere human? What skill could he have? Here is a brief glimpse into why Drahvyn has been chosen to fight in this war against the Emphan army of demons.

Excerpt from Throne of Jelzicar:

Dawn approached with the hateful promise of evil and torment that would follow. He had packed dried foods and canteens of water into his satchels the night before. Now he slung these over his shoulder. He strapped his sheath across his shoulder so that it lay against his back and slipped his sword into it with accuracy and precision that hinted to years of experience. This was why Evarlass truly wanted him, a mere human with no magic powers, to join them on their quest. Drahvyn was strong and he was one of the most feared in battle. Any time the city walls were impinged upon, he had swung his sword high and true. Swift movements, combined with the massive sword he had forged for himself, made him unstoppable against the strongest of enemies. Even a demon would be no match for him. Everyone knew it to be true.

~Please note, this is an unedited excerpt. Final versions are subject to changes during the editing process.

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Throne of Jelzicar


Are you ready for an epic new fantasy series?  Do you crave swords and daggers, warriors and assassins, magic users and hunters?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  Follow me into Gravenlea, where a group of warriors will come together to battle the demons that have dared to enter their world.

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The After Hours Saga: Burning Embers

Dusk falls upon us as the last hours of the day fade into the night. Yet it is not long before the light comes again to greet us. The sun’s rays gently caress the horizon. In that moment of warmth, we are at peace. Waking from a gentle slumber, we feel the sunlight kiss our skin and we know we are alive.

It is much like darkness in all forms. Darkness resides in all of us. However, what we must remember is this: Where there is darkness, there is also light. Even in the very depths of our souls, a sparkling ember burns, waiting to be ignited.


A Personal Note:

I am one of those people that always approaches others with an attitude of happiness. In fact, so many people have commented on this attribute that I’ve begun to realize it may be rarer than I first realized. I have been asked countless times how I can always be so full of joy. The answer is truly simpler than you can imagine: It is a choice.

I choose my mood before I speak to another human. I choose happiness. I have no idea what’s going on in that person’s life. I don’t want to speak negativity into their heart. I smile. Some days I don’t feel like smiling (I am human, after all), but I do it anyway. I find my ember and I ignite it. This one simple choice has the power to change another’s attitude. With a smile, a kind word, and a gentle touch, there is a force more powerful than any other on this planet. It has the amazing capacity to heal a wounded soul, to bring hope to a despairing man, or simply to brighten another’s day. Happiness is a key to changing the world, and I bring it with me wherever I may go.

As you drink your morning cup of coffee, settle into your lunch, or prepare for your evening before you slumber, consider this: Have you smiled yet today?


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