Why After Hours?

I suppose you’re reading this because you’re wondering why this blog is known as After Hours. The reason is simple, really. As with all writers, I have a muse. This is that piece of myself that forms and creates stories before they can ever be brought to you, or any other reader. This little guy has been active since I was a small child. For as long as I can remember, stories and characters have come to life in my mind’s eye.

My muse is always active on some level, but when do the stories truly start to come to life? After hours, of course. The most profound characters and ideas that have ever taken hold in my mind have done so in the late hours of night or the wee hours of the morning. Oh sure, I can write wonderful prose at eight a.m. I can create worlds of fiction at noon. I can even muster up compelling dialogue at three or four. However, it is in the evening, when the world is starting to go to sleep, that my creativity comes alive.

After hours is a magical time for me. It is the time when quiet falls over a busy household and my mind takes over. In the night, while you are likely slumbering, I am creating far away worlds and unseen dimensions. As an author, my favorite time is that peaceful time known to me as after hours.

I invite you to join me as I explore those bits and pieces of ideas that exist after hours … and other ramblings, of course.

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The After Hours Saga: A Warrior’s Heart

In the shadows of the trees, he stands. Watching. Waiting. The arrow is taught against his string. He feels the muscles in his arm and shoulder tensed and ready. All he must do is release. The waiting is truly the hardest part. Through the bushes and overgrowth, he can hear the animal moving. It draws closer, yet he does not waiver. He cannot afford the luxury of fear, for it would only mean the end for him.

The animal closes in, and now he can hear it breathing. In this instant, most would have run. He does not. The warrior inside of him would never allow him to run. He stands his ground, waiting for the wicked beast to emerge.

It does not disappoint. The animal lumbers toward him at great speed. He does not allow himself to feel anything as he progresses through the movements, for he cannot afford to. He takes aim, steadying his hand, and releases. Muscles, instantly merciful for the loss of the strain, help guide his hand back to his quiver from memory. He draws another arrow.

It is not necessary. The beast falls to its belly on the carpet of the forest floor in front of him. He walks to it and taps it with his boot. No movement. The beast is dead. He turns, and walks deeper into the forest.


It is sometimes said that the heart of a true warrior lies in what he does in the first moments of battle. Does he stay and fight to the death? Does he flee? It is in these moments, when faced with true danger, that the warrior is made.

This warrior was not made to flee. He was made to fight. He may live many years, or he may be killed fighting off a beast. Either way, he will not become a victim to his fear. The archer lives another day, deep in the heart of the forest.

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The After Hours Saga: Burning Embers

Dusk falls upon us as the last hours of the day fade into the night. Yet it is not long before the light comes again to greet us. The sun’s rays gently caress the horizon. In that moment of warmth, we are at peace. Waking from a gentle slumber, we feel the sunlight kiss our skin and we know we are alive.

It is much like darkness in all forms. Darkness resides in all of us. However, what we must remember is this: Where there is darkness, there is also light. Even in the very depths of our souls, a sparkling ember burns, waiting to be ignited.


A Personal Note:

I am one of those people that always approaches others with an attitude of happiness. In fact, so many people have commented on this attribute that I’ve begun to realize it may be rarer than I first realized. I have been asked countless times how I can always be so full of joy. The answer is truly simpler than you can imagine: It is a choice.

I choose my mood before I speak to another human. I choose happiness. I have no idea what’s going on in that person’s life. I don’t want to speak negativity into their heart. I smile. Some days I don’t feel like smiling (I am human, after all), but I do it anyway. I find my ember and I ignite it. This one simple choice has the power to change another’s attitude. With a smile, a kind word, and a gentle touch, there is a force more powerful than any other on this planet. It has the amazing capacity to heal a wounded soul, to bring hope to a despairing man, or simply to brighten another’s day. Happiness is a key to changing the world, and I bring it with me wherever I may go.

As you drink your morning cup of coffee, settle into your lunch, or prepare for your evening before you slumber, consider this: Have you smiled yet today?


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Welcome to my official blog

One of my favorite authors once said that the written word is a form of telepathy, of transference of ideas through thoughts and mental images. Right now, you and I are having a meeting of the minds. I hope you enjoy what is to follow.

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