Embodiment of Compassion

There is a heart that has seen more than most can comprehend. Heartache has been whispered in its corners, yet it beats fierce and strong. Fear has flitted at its edges, only to be stifled by courage. Sorrow is squelched by hope. At the center of all of this lies the beauty of compassion.

Moments come together like memories drifting through the sands of time. The smile of triumph, the tears of loss. Joy melds together with pain in the blink of an eye. The heart of a nurse is many things: It is strong and brave, it is soft and tender, and it is whole even when it is broken. The very soul is one of power and depth. For without power, the nurse would freeze in panic rather than rescue the injured. Without depth, the nurse could never overcome the memory of the fallen in order to save those that still grace this earth.

Waves of tears wash away the memories of lives that could not be saved. They come in the night, like haunting dreams that will never be forgotten. As the new day dawns, the memories make way for what is yet to come. With every breath of life, the soul is renewed. Every victory eases the sorrow. Every joy replenishes the spirit.

When the nurse walks up to the doors of the hospital, courage arises again. Whatever waits beyond that glass, the nurse will bravely face. As you slumber in your bed tonight, remember those that walk this path. For should you ever encounter this place, the nurse will be there to carry you through. stethoscope impressionist image


In honor of nurse’s week, I would like to take the time to thank every nurse out there. Nursing is a difficult profession. It is also the best profession. A nurse will experience immeasurable loss and will grieve for patients that have passed on from this world as the years go by. A nurse will also celebrate in joy and triumph when a patient leaves the hospital better than when he or she arrived.

A nurse will hold your hand at a time in your life that nobody else will. They will sit with you while you’re sick. They’ll hold you while you cry. They will comfort you as best they can. They do not do this for money. There are far easier and more profitable ways to earn a living. They do this because they genuinely care about people. Nurses ease the suffering of others because it is in their heart. That heart truly encompasses courage, bravery, and compassion. Thank you, fellow nurses. What you do matters every day.

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