Fantasy Bestseller Kevin Hearne Talks to After Hours

Bestselling Fantasy Author Kevin Hearne

Bestselling Fantasy Author Kevin Hearne

Those of you that have ever talked about books with me know that NY Times Bestseller Kevin Hearne is one of my all-time favorite authors. In fact, if you’ve broached the subject, you would have heard me gushing about The Iron Druid Chronicles (my personal favorite) as well as pointing out covers to the new Heir to the Jedi book that’s been gracing the shelves of bookstores everywhere. Mr. Hearne’s characters are full of depth, his writing is immaculate, and his stories are beyond intriguing. Add internal conversations with an Irish Wolfhound, and what more could a reader possibly want?

A few days ago, I contacted Mr. Hearne for an interview and he graciously accepted. Now I bring it to you for your reading pleasure. Enjoy:

Hello Kevin, as a fan of the Iron Druid chronicles and a lover of fantasy novels, I’m excited to learn a little bit about you!

Those of us that follow you on social media know that you’ve been traveling (we’ve seen the pictures). From where do you hail on this fine day?
Right now I’m in Rome! Not doing many touristy things though; I’m researching sites for book 8.

I think all of us that are attached to the Iron Druid wish that we could have an Oberon of our very own. Did an Irish Wolfhound that you know inspire his character?
Alas, no. I have a pug and a Boston terrier that provide the inspiration for Oberon. They’re very expressive dogs and you can see their emotions on their faces.

Of all the places that you’ve visited, do you have a favorite?
I love visiting Portland, Oregon. Farmer’s markets everywhere, crunchy happy people, and a giant bookstore in Powell’s. What’s not to love there?

Many of us know that you were an English teacher. Did you have a favorite story to teach your students?
I always enjoyed telling them the story of how Tiresias the blind prophet got that way, because he used to be a normal dude. The story is told in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and it’s jacked up like so much other mythology.

You have so many dynamic and compelling characters. Do you have a favorite?
Right now the Archdruid, Owen Kennedy, is really fun for me to write; his voice and attitude are an entertaining headspace to inhabit for a while.

Are you working on anything new? Anything you can give us a glimpse into?
Yes! Besides working on STAKED, the next Iron Druid book, I’m also working on an epic fantasy trilogy called the The Seven Kennings. The first book is called A Plague of Giants and I hope that will be out next year.

Where will you be appearing next?
I’ll be in Prague and Brno May 5 and 6, and then at Phoenix Comicon May 28-31.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with After Hours and Other Ramblings!  We hope you have the opportunity to do some touristy things while you are out and about!

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